Trump, Republican Corruption Gives Democrats Opening for Midterms

Aug 22, 2018
In The News

Leading Democrats in Congress are seizing on the tidal wave of legal troubles hitting President Trump's allies to cast the Republican Party as deeply corrupt ahead of the fast-approaching midterm elections. Democratic leaders say they plan to make ethics a key pillar of their push to take the House majority this fall, arguing their party will serve as a check on what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calls the Trump administration's "brazen corruption, cronyism and incompetence." … "This is a president who promised people that he was going to be their voice, that he was going to return power to the people. But he's gone in the opposite direction," said Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes, who was tapped by Pelosi to lead a "democracy reform" task force for House Democrats. "Voters can't keep up with every breaking development and every new scandal that comes across the transom every day," Sarbanes added. "But they do understand that the way this president and his allies in Congress and his buddies like Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins are behaving is disrespecting the average person out there."