Trump Administration’s Massive Corruption May Finally Compel Real Reform — If Democrats Win

Sep 20, 2018
In The News

"To be very candid, I think that in some ways, the Trump way of viewing the world, i.e., having no regard for ethical boundaries, made the prospect of serving in his administration very appealing to Scott Pruitt and people like him," said Rep. John Sarbanes, a Democrat from Maryland.... “You can look at almost any agency in the Trump administration. They lock the doors. They pull down the shades," Sarbanes continued. "And then they invite in the very industries that they’re supposed to regulate and have them clean out of the shelves of the regulations that are supposed to protect the American people and basically have their way with that particular agency." ... Democrats in both the House and the Senate have responded by pushing for legislation that would prevent a number of the current abuses. Sarbanes is leading an effort to pass a resolution calling for extensive reforms, including passing laws that would prevent government officials from going straight into lobbying -- and would also prevent lobbyists from going straight into government.