To Lower Drug Prices, We Must Confront Special Interests' Influence on Our Politics

Mar 7, 2020
In The News

This week, we mark the one-year anniversary of H.R. 1’s passage in the House. Unfortunately, this comprehensive package of campaign finance and ethics reforms has gone nowhere in the U.S. Senate. For the past year, Senate Majority Leader McConnell has blocked action on this legislation, refusing to bring it for a vote. This is an example of what’s broken; one man can stand in the way of major reforms on Capitol Hill. My argument is a simple one: The Senate should bring this bill to a vote and let it pass or fail on its merits. This bill is one of nearly 400 measures—including 275 bipartisan bills—that passed in the House last year but have been refused a vote in the Senate. As an American, I’m frustrated by these unjustifiable stall tactics. And as a representative, I’m deeply concerned by their consequences. One of these consequences is the continuation of rising prescription drug costs.…. From my time at the CIA to my time in the House, I’ve dedicated my career to protecting our democracy and ensuring it works for all of us. H.R. 1 was one of the first bills to pass in the House in 2019, and one year later, it’s time for Majority Leader McConnell to stop stonewalling and allow a vote on this critical legislation.