Sarbanes’ Bill Offers Path to Fair Elections

Feb 1, 2021
In The News

The recent article, “After record voter turnout, Republican-led states that flipped for Biden are working to change voting rules” (Jan. 31), is alarming, and it shows just how far many Republicans are willing to go in their anti-democratic fervor. This is revealed in their proposals such as eliminating “no-excuse absentee voting,” requiring “mail ballots to be notarized,” having “mail-in ballots be hand-delivered” and allowing “lawmakers to overturn presidential election results.” These are designed to impede citizens from voting and disrupt the election process. We should all be able to agree that fair, open and honest elections are vital to our democracy and that having 50 states and multiple counties with different systems is confusing and irresponsible. There is a better way this can be done while recognizing the Constitutional role states play. Introduced by Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes, House Resolution 1 (For the People Act of 2021) sets up rules for voting modernization (including requiring paper ballots), blocking foreign interference, supporting Uniformed Service voting, cybersecurity, and campaign finance transparency. No one wants to see the recurrence of the anger, accusations and vitriol that marked this last election. We want citizens to participate in the process, knowing that all votes will be obtained and counted fairly. To get there, it’s time to update our election process on a national basis. HR1 does that, it’s worthy of our attention and support.