Rep. Kilmer Hosts Suquamish Town Hall

Feb 5, 2020
In The News

Before heading back to Washington D.C., Washington’s 6th District Representative Derek Kilmer — along with his 13-year-old daughter in tow — held a town hall meeting at the Suquamish Tribal Center to field a variety of questions ranging from what he is doing to help local tribes maintain their treaty rights, to cleaning up the Puget Sound.… Kilmer went spoke broadly about what he and his office have been doing to get the government and the economy working better for people. “I think there is too much money in our political system and I thought it was a really good thing when democrats took the majority in the House, the very first [bill] that we passed was a bill called H.R. 1, the For the People Act,” Kilmer said. “It was a bill that focused on a number of things, most importantly trying to reduce the role of money in politics.” H.R. 1 includes a number of other bills that reduce the roles of special interest and political action committees in campaign finance. Rep. Kilmer is the lead sponsor of two bills that are encompassed in H.R. 1, one which would seek to restore the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Kilmer joked that the FEC was almost as dysfunctional as Congress, before sharing a story about the commission arriving at an impasse when trying to decide whether to buy donuts or bagels for a recent anniversary breakfast. The second bill sponsored by Kilmer, The Honest Ads Act, would require political candidates and special interest groups to disclose who they are when buying internet ads to influence an election. “We know more and more political spending is going onto the internet and second we know that there are foreign countries that are trying to influence American elections by buying ads on the internet. Right now, there are no laws that protect against that and have suitable disclosure,” Kilmer said.