Our Elections Aren't Fraudulent

Jan 20, 2021
In The News

Our elections aren’t fraudulent. I have been an election officer for 10 years. The right to vote and voting access is very important to me. My parents instilled this in me as a duty of citizenship and a responsibility as a Catholic. I am concerned about the false narrative that our elections are fraudulent. I have worked beside Republicans, Democrats and Independents at the polls and only met dedicated, committed citizens who put partisanship aside to ensure a free and fair election. I believe more people need to vote, whether they agree with my political beliefs or not. I believe we must address gerrymandering, expand early voting, enhance absentee voting and reduce long lines at the polls. I want to thank Rep. Abigail Spanberger for supporting “For the People Act” (H.R.1) in the 116th Congress and call on her to do so again later this month. Her continued leadership on this issue is critical. Thank you to all who do vote regularly, and I encourage all my fellow citizens to do so.