Not Up for Debate: Ending Corruption And the Power of Special Interests in Washington

Feb 7, 2020
In The News

It’s time that an American struggling to fill a prescription has the same clout as the CEO of a drug company. That’s why tonight’s debate at Anselm College is a perfect opportunity for presidential candidates to tell New Hampshire voters about their plans to end corruption and the influence of big money. Their plans should start with H.R. 1, the For the People Act, the most comprehensive package of anti-corruption reforms since Watergate. The bill passed in the House last March, and it would sever the ties between special interests and politicians, protect the right to vote, and ensure public officials are working in the public interest. They should also include the SHIELD Act to protect our elections from foreign interference, the SAFE Act to shore up our voting systems, and the Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect Americans from discrimination at the ballot box. The House has taken the lead to protect our democracy, and it’s important for every presidential candidate to let voters know if they’ll join us. My constituents deserve to know if the candidates will support, prioritize, and work to get a comprehensive reform package on their desk that they can sign into law.