“My Life Literally Flashed Before My Eyes”: Freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones on a Jarring Start to His First Term

Jan 27, 2021
In The News

How has this experience shaped your view of Congress — and how does that compare to expectations you had? It makes me even more committed to enacting critical democracy reforms, including those contained in the For the People Act, which would help elect better people to Congress. If you pass automatic voter registration to enfranchise an additional 50 million people nationally, you will get more Democrats elected to the United States Senate who will actually legislate in the best interest of the American people, rather than question the need for $2,000 survival checks, as [outgoing Georgia Republican senator] Kelly Loeffler did, because she has no commitment to helping everyday folks. Could you talk about the new perspective and ideas you’re most excited to bring to Congress? We must pass the For the People Act (or HR 1) to fight back against the ongoing assault on our democracy; that means ending partisan gerrymandering, establishing small-dollar public financing for congressional campaigns, and automatic voter registration. What is the top policy proposal that you plan to focus on as Congress continues to get underway? COVID-19 relief is the No. 1 priority. And No. 2 has to be democracy reforms. Democracy reforms will ensure that members of Congress are sane and responsive to the American people. And that we get better policies, ones that actually help working people in this country rather than the superrich.