House Democrat: Here Are 8 Scandals Congress Should Investigate Instead of Twitter Bias

Sep 5, 2018
In The News

Congress is wasting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s time when it should be investigating the Trump administration’s wrongdoing, Maryland Democrat Rep. John Sarbanes told Dorsey at one of his two congressional testimonies Wednesday.... “Unfortunately, the Republican majority has decided to pursue the trumped up notion that there is a special conservative bias in the way Twitter operates,” Sarbanes told Dorsey. “What worries me is that this is a campaign by the GOP to work the refs, complaining about a non-existent bias and force an overcorrection which then can result in some actual bias going in the other direction.” ... So in response, Sarbanes disregarded the premise of the hearing altogether, and instead read off a list of things the Republican-led Congress should be investigating and isn’t. Conveniently for Sarbanes, his speech also fit perfectly into Democrats’ 2018 message to voters: that the Republican party is corrupt.