Government Overhaul Like ‘Caffeine’ for Economic Agenda, Dems Say

Sep 12, 2018
In The News

If Democrats win the House majority, Steny Hoyer believes their economic agenda will do better if they first pass a government overhaul package to help restore Americans’ continuously eroding trust in government.... Fellow Maryland Democrat John Sarbanes, who chairs House Democrats’ Democracy Reform Task Force, will also speak at the event and introduce Hoyer.... Sarbanes said his task force set out with two goals heading into the 2018 cycle: to call out the lack of transparency and accountability of President Donald Trump, his administration and his GOP allies in Congress, and “to give Americans a reason for hope” by showing Democrats have a plan to clean up government.... “If you don’t fix that as kind of a foundational effort and initiative, they’re going to be very skeptical that you can do any of the other stuff,” he said.... The Democracy Reform Task Force has been focused on developing fixes that fall into three buckets: voting rights and voter empowerment, ethics and accountability, and campaign finance.... Like Hoyer, Sarbanes said passing a legislative package addressing those issues should be Democrats’ first order of business in the new Congress. Doing so would demonstrate that Democrats can deliver on their policy promises to make health care more affordable, lower prescription drug prices, boost wages, reinvigorate manufacturing and clean up the environment, he said.... “I call that caffeinating every other message we have,” Sarbanes said.