‘For the People Act’ Deserves Support

Jan 27, 2021
In The News

Voting rights are among the most fundamental rights in a democratic society.  Recent events, like the Jan. 6 U. S. Capitol riots, showed just how fragile voting rights are in society.  Despite an absence of evidence, hundreds of people breached the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to protest legitimate election results.  This is truly frightening because a democracy cannot function without the peaceful transition of power.  The events of Jan. 6 demonstrate there is much we need to do as a country to protect voting rights and restore faith in the voting process.  An immediate action we could take is to pass H.R. 1, the For the People Act.  We applaud Missouri’s Congresswoman Cori Bush and Congressman Emanuel Clever for co-sponsoring H.R. 1, introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 4, 2021.  This sweeping reform package would protect every eligible American’s fundamental right to vote and strengthen our democracy. The Jewish Coalition for Racial Equity strongly favors the measure and urges all members of Missouri’s congressional delegation to support the For the People Act and push for its immediate passage.  The Missouri Voter Protection Coalition wrote a letter to Missouri’s Congressional Delegation advocating for the passage of H.R.1.  They argue that H.R.1 would “ensure that Missouri voters have access to absentee voting regardless of their reason for needing to cast an absentee ballot. It would ensure early voting opportunities. It would update and streamline voter registration. It would restore voting rights for returning citizens who have served their time.”  For all these reasons, we urge Congress to pass H.R. 1.