Fact-Checking Misleading Attacks on HR 1, Democrats’ Voting Rights Bill

Feb 3, 2021
In The News

A Facebook post claims Democratic legislation is aimed at protecting the Washington establishment and is anti-American, but the post’s claims don’t add up. H.R. 1, called the For the People Act, is a bill that folds together previous proposals for absentee voting, in-person voting, campaign finance and ethics. Democrats say the goal of the legislation is to make it easier for everyone to vote. The Jan. 25 Facebook post says otherwise. It says the For the People Act will "permanently destroy voting in America." The post states that the legislation is a "direct attack promising the destruction of the Constitutional Republic." The Facebook post reduces the sweeping legislation, which is hundreds of pages long, into brief phrases that distort the law’s provisions on rules for voter eligibility, voter registration and voting by mail. The post makes alarmist claims, such as that murderers will be allowed to vote, and broad generalizations suggesting that the bill will lead to regulation of freedom of speech. While the post doesn’t use the phrase "voter fraud", it leaves readers with the misleading impression that the bill aims to weaken election security. The bill actually includes provisions to increase security through grants and cybersecurity improvements.