Dems to Election Commission: Make Facebook Stop Foreign Trolls

Sep 20, 2017
In The News

Seventeen Democrats in the House and Senate filed a letter to the FEC on Wednesday urging the election commission to create new rules that would make Facebook and other social networks work to “prevent illicit foreign spending in U.S. elections.” … The move comes after a series of reports over the past several weeks showed Russian troll farms, posing as Americans, planned pro-Trump protests and rallies on U.S. soil during the 2016 election.... Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD) said the goal is to “learn more about how Facebook focused in on” Russian interference in the 2016 election… “I’m going forward with the expectation that they’ll be cooperative and transparent so we get standards about making sure that won’t happen in the future. But the FEC’s gotta turn around and create a new set of standards for those industries to abide by,” Sarbanes told The Daily Beast…. “Then, if (social media networks) don’t abide by them, I think there should be real penalties involved.”