As Dems Prepare to Govern, Bolstering Democracy is a Top Priority

Jan 19, 2021
In The News

At roughly this point two years ago, House Democrats announced that they'd set aside H.R. 1 for a bill called the For the People Act, a sweeping reform package intended to expand voting rights, and end partisan gerrymandering, among other things. Or put another way, as 2019 got underway, Democrats made clear they intended to strengthen our democracy itself. It passed the House two months later, before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made clear that his Republican-led chamber would not consider the legislation. The GOP leader condemned it as a "half-baked socialist proposal," proving in the process that Republicans no longer know or care what "socialist" means. But two years later, it's a new Congress; there will soon be a new president; and McConnell is poised to lose control of the Senate. With this in mind, House Democratic leaders recently reintroduced the For the People Act as the new H.R. 1, intended to address "rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering, and a torrent of special interest dark money." This morning, Senate Democratic leaders – which is to say, the leaders of the incoming Senate majority – announced that they've also made the For the People Act their S. 1 for the new Congress.... As a political matter, it's heartening to see the incoming Democratic majority make strengthening our democracy such a priority. The pillars of our system have obviously faced extraordinary attacks over the last four years, and it's critical that they be bolstered and repaired. The merits of the For the People Act should be obvious.