After Collins Scandal, More Scrutiny for Members Serving on Boards

Sep 11, 2018
In The News

In the wake of Rep. Chris Collins’s indictment for insider trading, House lawmakers are trying to push through a rule change that would prevent similar misconduct. Ethics watchdogs support the bill, which closes a gaping hole in House protocol—but they hope that Democrats will go even further if they retake the House in November.... Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland, who leads his caucus’s Democracy Reform Task Force, said that if Democrats get the gavel back in November, they’ll push to pass an ethics package “in the first 100 days.” By mid-August, more than 160 House Democrats had signed onto Sarbanes’s “by the people” government reform resolution. It’s not clear how the Rice-Reed bill might get rolled into larger reforms if it fails to gain steam before the midterms. But Sarbanes said he would consider legislation that goes even further than the proposal. “The basic theme of the reform package that we have developed is broad enough to encompass those kinds of changes. … I think we have to go much bigger than that. I think that the public, frankly, has an appetite right now for significant, bold change that is not nibbling around the margins, is not just closing a loophole here or closing a loophole there.”