To Restore Credibility Abroad, Start at Home

By Rep. Joaquin Castro | San Antonio Express-News (Op-Ed)
Nov 28, 2020

For generations, the United States, at its best, has been a North Star to the world — a symbol of universal values such as freedom, human rights, the rule of law and democracy. Imagine watching what is unfolding in America today from a foreign capital. The ruling party’s leader refusing to concede a free and fair election, and delaying the peaceful transfer of power. If this were happening in another nation, we would condemn these actions. It’s a subversion of our democracy, and the world is watching. Our ability to promote peace and human rights abroad is also directly connected to our capacity to advance equality and justice in the United States. That’s why democracy reform such as H.R. 1 — including automatic voter registration, redistricting reform and a restoration of the Voting Rights Act — should remain a priority. From foreign adversaries targeting our voting systems to partisan lawmakers gerrymandering districts to the corrupting influence of money in politics, we need to repair our democracy and ensure our government works for everybody.